Some of the best developers on the planet will agree that when it comes to platform independent tools to develop web apps, there is nothing better than a Javascript based solution. There was a time when Javascript was only restricted to rich frontend development, but for server side implementation a developer would have to choose programming languages like Java, Python, PHP, or Ruby etc. But with the coming of Node.js all that is quickly changing. It is now possible to create feature rich back end without compromising on speed or performance.
Our Node.js Developers at Exemplars have created some of the most lightning fast back end systems that use the REST API.

Node.js Development for Lightning Fast Backend that is also beautiful

The biggest concern for administrators is that their backend not only lacks in speed but also looks dreary and is very ungraceful to use. This is where our agency’s service as expert node.js developers is going to come handy. As one of the top Node.js development companies, we have two very distinct advantages to give our clients; one is that we help develop hybrid apps that are quick to code, and also perform seamlessly, hence reducing client wait time. And second, our experts in design, with our core belief lying in the principle that design should determine the fate of the product, we create some of the most intuitive UIs for our clients.

Develop the best Back End for your company with Node.js

If you want to develop a Node.js backend to provide REST API, ExpressJS is the framework which is going to do all the heavy lifting for you, a javascript based backend system allows for flexibility in terms of scale and design. The most obvious choice to store data according to Exemplars Developers is MongoDB as it is the best and most reliable option.
Above all Node.js/ExpressJS/MongoDB has a huge number of developers as a part of the active open source developer community. This community is continuously working to better Node.js hence constant tweaks and updates make it possible to take the platform to the next level.