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Siebel CRM 2018 Release Highlights

Under the new Siebel CRM Continuous Release Model introduced during 2018, the team delivered 9 individual Release Updates, 6 of these Updates contained new product features and innovation. Proving our ability to be more agile with the delivery of innovation to our customers and a paradigm shift away from the older annual release cycles of Innovation Packs. To discover the new features that were delivered during our Siebel CRM 2018 Release Updates, check out the Siebel CRM 2018 Release Datasheet. Highlights include: Improvements to Web Tools to deliver modern developer experience Gateway clustering, registry and discovery framework New Continuous Release Model with cumulative Release Updates incorporating features and bug fixes on a monthly schedule Application Migration improvements Open UI improvement with a new charting engine and library component

SAP HANA on Real World

SAP technologies are not new today, and there is no industry segment that remained untouched by SAP’s ground-breaking innovations. The SAP Platform and technology solutions are enabling organizations to find creative ways to transform their business. The ultimate aim being satisfied customers. Much is written about SAP HANA as well, and the content about the technology is available easily. However, it is rare to find case studies and examples telling a story of real-life applications of SAP HANA and its journey with different industry segments. In this blog, SAP HANA applications are explained in a more practical way by showcasing real-life examples.

What is UI and UX? A Designer’s Guide to the Tech Industry

While delving into the depths of designing an interactive user application or a web interface, the first and foremost buzzword a designer encounters is, “User Interface/UI Design ” or “User Experience/UX Design.” Often there seems a lot of confusion between these two. When someone says that he/she is a designer, people usually don’t get a clear picture as what they actually do. Are UI and UX the same thing? Or one is just a part of another? Go through this article diligently and by the end of it you’ll get a clear and comprehensive understanding of the following: What exactly are UI Design and UX Design? Differences between UI and UX. How to design a stunning UI & UX. 5 Common Mistakes that kill your conversion rate.